Fit all of the gear that I would need to activate a park into a backpack, hike out to the location, activate, send the log via WinLink, and hike back out. Success.


  • 95 QSOs with mostly good reports.
  • Recently acquired the 7AH LIFEP04 Battey from Miady worked better than expected.  Lasted about 1.5 hours of continuous TX at 90W.
  • Need a protective case for FT-891.  Used a towel. It worked.
  • Amateur Contact Log pulls up callsign but sometimes gets the name wrong.  Need to check if it’s on my end or bad info in Database.
  • The coax from the MagLoop was a good call. Nice and short with built-in choke.

Gear List:

  • FT-891
  • Windows Surface
  • Signalink
  • Wolf River Coil
  • Coax from Mag Loop
  • 7AH LIFEP04 Battey from Miady
  • Rush 72 Hr Pack